In The Kitchen With The Weekly Kids Co-Op

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DIY Frushi from Kids Activities Blog Above, from left to right: Kid Friendly Kitchen Tools from 3 Boys and a Dog. In The Kitchen Tot School from Every Star Is Different. The Easiest Cupcake Frosting Recipe from A Bountiful Love. DIY Candied Pretzels from There’s Just One Mummy. Now it is time for this weeks […]

ANZAC Day Medal Craft


ANZAC Day is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most important national days encompassing nationhood, love and loss, and the gratitude and honor given to our servicemen and women, both past and present, and their families for the sacrifices they have made (and continue to make). I believe in the importance of teaching my children […]

Walk Away And Play With The Weekly Kids Co-Op

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Walk away and play activities are activites that your child can use independently. Walk-Away Activities are easy to set up, need only 5 minutes of your time to engage your children, keep their interest and allow you to walk away. I have collected my favourite Walk Away and Play activities from The Weekly Kids Co-Op and listed […]

Preschool Bakers: Easter Hunt Slice

Easter Hunt Slice

After all that egg decorating and waiting for the Easter Bunny, the day finally arrives! Rising early on Easter Sunday we head to our local service, to celebrate with our friends and community the blessing of new life! It is then time to make the most of the Autumn sunshine with a picnic on the […]

Literacy Activity: Bunny Masks

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Our book of the week is Splat The Cat: Where’s The Easter Bunny? Inspired by this fun book we completed a quick and easy craft plus had lots of fun acting the story out with some dramatic play. Here is a full tutorial with a free, printable template. Download the template. Print it out onto […]

Letter Learning on The Weekly Kids Co-Op

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Learning the ABC’s is a marvelous milestone for a preschooler! Chook loves learning about what letters look like and what sound they make. I am busy at the moment making him a set of Montessori sandpaper letters but in the meantime we have been checking out what has been getting linked up on The Weekly […]

Preschool Bakers: Hot Cross Buns

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Our Easter celebration traditions would have to include Hot Cross Buns. Good Friday is the day we make our own Hot Cross Buns. We start in the morning and by afternoon tea time we have fresh Hot Cross Buns straight from the oven. Oh and the added bonus…that delicious smell of the buns baking wafting […]

Eggshell Craft: Butterfly Mosiac

Coloured eggshell butterfly

Create a beautiful mosaic butterfly using a craft wood shape and coloured eggshells. This is a wonderful gift that my preschooler and I created together as a Mummy and Me craft. Using a lead pencil, draw an outline of the wing patterns onto the wing. With a paint brush, apply glue to the area you […]

6 Easter Activities To Create and Learn With

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Easter is right around the corner and we have been busy making some lovely gifts using coloured eggshells. I loved looking through the link ups on last week’s Weekly Kids Co-Op and it was the egg activities that caught my eye as I browsed through the list. I know this Plastic Egg Name Game from […]

Easter Practical Life Activities

Eggs 1 to 1 Ooffa 4

Whole hand transfers and one-to-one correspondence. Egg carton and a dozen eggs. This turned out to be a wonderful activity to provide the kids, with each child approaching the task in a way they were comfortable with. Strawberry transferred each egg into the egg carton and then matched the colours. Ooffa was content to transfer […]