Cinnamon Christmas Play Dough

Make a deliciously scented batch of cinnamon play dough for a morning of pretend baking and Christmas cookie preparation!

Cinnamon Play DoughWe make our play dough in the thermomixer these days and I love how quick and easy it is. I especially love not having to scrub the base of a saucepan after making a batch of cooked play dough!

Using the recipe provided in the Everyday Cook Book I add 3 teaspoons of cinnamon in with the flour and continue with the recipe as per usual. Once it is made, divide amongst the kids at the table I give each child a little shaker of glitter and let them go at it!

Cinnamon Play DoughUsing our play dough tools the kids rolled out their dough and pressed some Christmas shaped cookie cutters into the dough to create some wonderful pretend play cookies for ‘morning tea’.

Cinnamon Play Dough Cinnamon Play DoughWhile they were engrossed in a little Christmas baking I took the opportunity to get the breakfast dishes done, wipe down the bench tops and put the kettle on for a cuppa, well I can only hope!

This Cinnamon Play Dough Activity develops:

  • Fine motor skills through moulding the dough with the hands, using a rolling pin, pressing with a cookie cutter.
  • Language development through naming the shapes provided for the activity, labeling the actions used (rolling, cutting, folding, pressing), asking for equipment.
  • Social skills of turn taking and sharing are developed.
  • Cognitive learning through using the sense of smell, Christmas as a celebration, symbols used for this celebration.

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