Easy Sew Toddler Skirt

Welcome to our virtual crafty mamas Friday get together 🙂

Every Friday afternoon I hold a craft group in my home and invite several crafty mamas that I know to come on over, bring the kids, bring some craft and enjoy a chat over a hot cuppa.

Over the past month I have been really enjoying sewing.

It has also brought me so much joy to have had Strawberry and Ooffa sitting on my knee and teaching them how to sew. Although we’re a long way off from any solo attempts, I think fun and simple exposure is so important 🙂

Easy sew toddler skirt: First sewing machine experience

Michael Miller fabrics are my absolute favourite! As soon as I saw this butterfly print fabric I knew I just had to make a skirt for Strawberry out of it.

I decided to go with an easy sew toddler skirt, that is basically a rectangle sewn together and is ready to wear with very little fuss.

Easy sew toddler skirt

The beauty of such a simple pattern is that if you discover you don’t have enough fabric in the one print, you can go for a patchwork effect, as I had to do here.

Easy Sew Toddler Skirt Tutorial

{Determine skirt width} Measure around the entire waist and double it. This is your fabric width.

{Determine skirt length} I went with 15″ (38cm) for Strawberry.

I needed 42″x15″ (106cm x 38cm) fabric piece.

(To create this I patchworked a 33cm butterfly design piece to a 10cm pink swirl fabric on either side. Repeat.)

Once I have two rectangle pieces 53cm x 38cm, I put right sides together and sewed the side seams.

Zigzag or serge the side seam edge.

Serge the bottom edge of the skirt or fold and iron 1/4″, then fold and iron a further 1/2″. Sew in place.

Easy sew toddler skirt

Serge the top edge of the skirt or fold and iron 1/4″, use the elastic to gauge how wide the waistband should be. Use pins to mark a two inch gap for the elastic insert. Sew from one pin all the way around to the other pin.

Using a safety pin insert the elastic into the waistband.

Sew the ends of the elastic together. Then sew the waistband closed and you’re done!

Easy sew toddler skirt

I also used my Sizzix Butterfly die to cut a butterfly from that gorgeous Michael Miller fabric and appliqued it to a bought t-shirt.

Using some of the scraps I also made this gorgeous hair piece!

Easy sew toddler skirt hair piece

Cut a large circle (this will become your yoyo) and using contrasting fabric make a self-cover button. Sew a basic straight stitch around the inside edge of the large circle and pull the thread tight so the fabric gathers to the centre of the circle. Using this thread sew the button and the hair clip to the yoyo at the same time. Tie it off securely.

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Yours in play,

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