Fizzy Playdough

Chook and I made fizzy playdough! We discovered it whilst making gifts for daddy’s birthday. It is a lot of fun to make and play with this stuff. What a fun activity for an older toddler!

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This Fizzy Playdough activity develops:

  • Β Fine motor skills through grating, using a spray bottle, molding the playdough with hands.
  • Language development through making the playdough and then discussing what they see when the playdough reacts with the water. Use descriptive words like reaction, reacts.
  • Cognitive learning – (science) chemical reactions. This activity is great for exploring with all five senses. Please use caution with some of the ingredients and carefully supervise your child.
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Fizzy Playdough
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Play
What you'll need
  • 1 cup of bicarbonated soda
  • 1 x 75g container of citric acid
  • Several drops of essence of your choice (optional)
  • Small chunk of cocoa butter
  • Spray bottle with water
  1. Measure the bicarbonated soda into a bowl. Add the entire contents of the citric acid. Add several drops of essence if using. Grate the cocoa butter over the ingredients and mix well.
  2. Your toddler can do this bit: While you are mixing the ingredients together, have your toddler spray a couple of spurts (set to fine mist spray) of water into the mix. The mix is ready if it looks like slightly damp sand. If too much water is added it will turn into a fizzing mess and you wont get to play with it...but it's still fun!
  3. When you scoop this stuff up in your hand, squash it into a ball and then flatten out on the table. The warmth from your hand softens the cocoa butter making it maleable.
  4. Give your toddler the spray bottle and direct them to spray lightly over the playdough. Watch what happens as the water lands on the dough...fizzy playdough! Your toddler can press and shape this stuff and spray until their little hearts are content!
Explain to your child that this is not edible and hands need to be kept away from mouth and eyes. It doesn't taste nice and stings the eyes. Wash eye with water if some makes it way there.

You will need to make fizzy playdough fresh each time you wish to play with it, as it doesn’t keep.

Fizzy Playdough 2

Fizzy Playdough 3

Simplify this activity by using droppers or small spoons for adding the water.
Extend this activity by making it with different amounts of cocoa butter, bicarbonate soda or citric acid. Make a hypothesis (guess) about what will happen.

Other Messy Play activities include Shaving Cream Activity.

19 comments on “Fizzy Playdough

  1. Hi! I love this activity! I plan on doing this with my 4 year olds in the pre-school that I work at. I just have one question. What kind of cocoa butter did you use?

    • Hi Nekkei. I’m not sure if I can answer your question very well, as I got my cocoa butter in solid form from my health food shop, who sold it to me in small cut blocks. Sorry I can’t help you more. However, I believe this activity could work just as well without it or you could try coconut oil. Let me know how you get on and how the kids enjoyed the activity πŸ™‚

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  5. We are so going to do this. I home school my guys and we have actually started buying bicarbonate of soda in bulk because it is cheaper and my kids never get bored of exploding the stuff. Thank you.

      • there are no end of uses for bicarb and the kids made cardboard volcanoes a year ago and I can drag those out and be guaranteed peace until the frothing stops. It helps whiten washing, we make toothpaste from it, there is loo cleaning recipe I have yet to try and it will always fizz if you add vinegar. Wonderful stuff. Fizzy play-doh went down really well and we will be doing that again. Another plus to this is it is the first play doh we made that our rescue dog, who was a stray before we rescued her and therefore eats all sorts of weird stuff, actually doesn’t like the taste.

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    • Thank you, Jode! Loving the layout, hey! Coming from the ‘colour lady’ that is awesome to hear! Haha, are you talking about the photo where he sneaks a spray into his mouth? Just had to include that one, kids huh?!

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