Glittery Gelatin Butterfly Sun Catcher

We have been doing some spring crafts around here (it’s Spring time in Australia). We thought we would take a paper craft idea and use our gelatin creations. Using our Gelatin Sun Catcher method we created some beautiful hanging decorations. This time we chose some heart shaped moulds and instead of adding food colouring Chook shook some glitter into the gelatin mixture, stirred it and let it dry.

We then used the gelatin hearts to make this beautiful butterfly.

Heart Butterfly TitleYou will need…
Two gelatin hearts. Click here for how to make them.
A pipe cleaner cut to desired size (this will be the body)
Two goggly eyes
Coloured wire for antenna
Hot glue gun

1. Glue the wings to the pipe cleaner body with hot glue. The gelatine will melt slightly but it will still attach, just use a little bit. The heat seems to be the culprit.

2. Attach the eyes with glue.

3. Twist the wire around the top of the pipe cleaner to secure it. Wrap the ends of the wire around a pencil to get a curl in the wire and you’re done!

Glittery Gelatin Heart Butterfly


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