Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations

This week I am sharing with you a really fun party idea: A Bubble Themed party. We did this theme for the twins 2nd Birthday and today I want to share with you how we created some wonderful bubble themed decorations.

 Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations


Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations

I used the Cuttlebug and circle dies to cut several different sized circles from foil paper and one from white card. I then glued the foil circles randomly over an A5 sized piece of card.

On the white circle I wrote the invitation out and then glued it onto a larger foil circle. I then glued that onto the centre of the card.

Colourful String Balloons

Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations

You need: Colourful string or wool, balloons, vaseline, PVA glue, water

Find a spot that you don’t mind getting glue all over because this is gonna get MESSY!

1. Blow up your balloons to your desired size.

2. Hang with a piece of string so you can work without holding the balloon.

3. Mix PVA glue with water. I went with a 1:1 ratio.

4. Pull off a good length of wool and soak in the glue mixture.

5. Scoop a large dollop of vaseline with your hands onto the balloons and rub it all over.

6. Then starting at the top of your balloon wrap the string down and over. Do this several times, down and over, down and over, moving around the balloon.

Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations

Make sure you have plenty of string in the glue mixture.

7. Start wrapping around the balloon. Criss-cross. Up and down. Around and over.
Keep an eye on the soaking string and add more length when you need it.

8. Keep going until you are happy with the criss-crossing.

9. Let the string dry for a day. You may see the balloon starting to shrink inside the string layers. The vaseline stops the balloon from pulling your lovely string work inwards. (Trust me! I learnt from experience!)

10. When the string is dry you can pop the balloon (if still inflated) and pull out through a gap in the string.

Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations

What you have left are these gorgeous string bubble shapes!

Birthday Banner

Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations

Using the Cuttlebug and some circle dies I cut out some foil paper and white card.

I printed off the letters from the computer onto the white card circles to spell out Happy Birthday.

I then glued the letter circles and random foil circles into a banner.

Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations

Using double-sided tape I stuck the word banner onto a length of ribbon and strung the banner up along a wall.

Bubble Mobile

Using the cuttlebug and circle dies I cut random circles from foil paper.

Using an embroidery hoop, some fishing line and double-sided tape I stuck the ‘bubbles’ along the fishing line so they hung down over the guests.

Party Ideas: Bubble Theme Decorations

Short on time.

Here are some of our favourite Etsy picks for Bubble Theme Decorations.

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Bubble Mobile

Mermaid Party Decorations Blue Paper Garland: Ocean Bubbles by Bad Kitty Sweatshop

Bubble banner

Happy Birthday Banner by Big Kid Banner


Bubble Birthday Banner by RandRcreation


Personalized Printable Bubble Birthday Package by Lovely Little Party

Bubble Party Decorations

Bubble Party Decorations PDF for cupcake toppers, invitations, thank you’s, favour tags and much more by Mimis Dollhouse

String lights

Cotton Ball String Lights by Yoo Cotton

Iridescent Bubble Beads Roll Garland

Iridescent Bubble Beads Roll Garland by We Can Package

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